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Star Trek 2nd Edition What You Leave Behind Booster Box

Contents: 30 Packs per box
11 Cards per pack

Press Release:

Final set to be sold exclusively by Hill’s Wholesale Gaming

(Norfolk, VA—December 4, 2007) —Decipher Inc. announced today that The Star Trek Customizable Card Game Second Edition will come to a close with the release of the final expansion set, “What You Leave Behind,” scheduled the last week in December. The final set will be sold exclusively through Hill’s Wholesale Gaming (www.wholesalegaming.com).

The Star Trek CCG was originally introduced into the marketplace under license from Viacom/Paramount Pictures in November 1994. The final expansion set is designed to complete the game and celebrate many years of strategic gaming in the Star Trek universe. Everyone involved in the development and production of the game wishes to thank the player community for their enthusiastic support for the game for the past thirteen years. Decipher is proud to celebrate the history of Star Trek CCG 2E with a full expansion set that features quality, much as it has from the game’s launch.

“What You Leave Behind” is a boosters-only expansion with 122 cards (40 rare, 41 uncommon, 41 common cards) that includes an 18-card “Archive” foil subset (1:8 average pack distribution). The regular foil inserts are distributed 1:7 packs on average. This final installment in the Star Trek CCG product line is a must-have for players and collectors alike; it includes new additions to game play, as well as nods to fan favorites from the history of Star Trek CCG: Second Edition.

Persistent is a new keyword that allows a player to bring successful dilemmas back against an opponent on future turns. The expansion also focuses on missions worth 40 or more points; players completing these missions will receive new and interesting rewards.

The final expansion set in the storied Star Trek CCG will herald the re-appearance of Mot, The Barber. This character, along with his humorous and often misunderstood barbering skill, was introduced in the Premier set more than thirteen years ago, and will now carry through to the final expansion set. In addition, the set will revisit successful older cards and strategies such as Patrol Neutral Zone and MACO, and offer reworks of popular personnel such as the Borg Queen and Data. A solid selection of personnel and ships across all of the Star Trek affiliations will also be included. While there may still be uncharted game play territory for the game’s loyal players, this 14th expansion for the Second Edition of Star Trek CCG does the job of bringing to a close what we feel has been one of the most successful games in the genre of trading card games.

What You Leave Behind, scheduled to ship in late December, will be sold exclusively through Hill’s Wholesale Gaming. Players can visit their website at http://www.wholesalegaming.biz/ to purchase the product.

Price:  $178.00   
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Star Trek 2nd Edition What You Leave Behind Booster Box
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